1. Take Me Back

From the recording Phthalo Blue

One of my earliest attempts, done in the late 60's, it has often been requested as a track on an album.  Here it is, with guitar by Mac Walter, bass by Aaron Clay and the wonderful overlaid orchestration by Chris Sexton.


3. Take Me Back (G)
Intro: G     Bm             Em             Bm                   ||          G               Bm             Em7           Asus A7
D               D+             Em             A7             Dsus D7    ||                G               G
Verse 1:    G/B            C                   G/B            Em                           
Remember what we said and what we’ve done G/B                C                              G/B                              Em                
Yesterday was here but now it’s gone G/B                                                C/A           
Tumbling through a silver gate
Bm/D                                       Em      D        C        G/B     Bbdim    Am      Dsus        D   G   G
How the memory haunts me so
Verse 2:
Remember my old friend when you and me
Remember when the world and we were free
But now with this and that to do
There's no time for reverie
Bridge 1:
G/B                              C                                  Bm/D                       
Take me back, take me back, take me back
Em   D/F#   G  D/F#   Am    G   ||   Am   G   F   F   C  /E    D    C   Am       Dsus          D    G  G         
Verse 3:
Remember what we said and what we’ve done                             
Yesterday was here but now it's gone
Never ending can’t you see you and me
Bridge 2:
Take me back take me back take me back please
End:   G/B    C    G/B:   G/B    C    G/B  repeat to fade