From the recording Phthalo Blue

Tune was originally about another historic event, but decided on the Battle of Trenton.  Features Mark Lysher on bass, Emory Lester on mandolin, Chris Sexton on fiddle, Scott Taylor on drums and Mac Walter on guitar.


. No Ordinary Man
Intro: G        ||             G              
Verse 1: G                                                                                          Dm   
Outside the walls of Trenton fair, just across the Delaware
Am                        F                      G   
Some labored mightily to remember
G                                                                                                         Dm   
Some words to take them through the ice, into the place of low devise
Am                               F                                 G   
On fortunes borne on winds of cold December
Verse 2:
The sun had shown for all to see, from ramparts Washington and Lee
But now the weather’d turned to snow and rain
Some stopped to watch the rabbits run before the muzzle of a gun
Had silenced the most cynical refrain
Bridge1: Em                                                                                        A7
Rahl’s Hessians turned in for the night and slept in beds so warm and tight
           Dm                                                                         Bb
Content that they had noted every plan
Em                                                                   A7
No need to fear the common folk, waiting for some lucky stroke
Dm                              Dm  Dm                                        G
Just sitting there, like some ordinary man
Verse 3:
They crossed where only errands go, leaving traces in the snow
The cost was high, but currency no object
Outside the weather lowed and moaned as winter sought to claim its own
But inside they were warming to the subject
Verse 4:
Then something sounded in the squall, perhaps a frantic wakeup call
Echo’d down the streets of King and Queen
The sounding of the mission bell and all had gone extremely well
No exit strategy had been foreseen
Bridge 2:
But after some reflection, was proffered the suggestion
That they make a slight correction in the plan
He thought about it warily, but only momentarily, he was after all
No ordinary man
Solo over verse and bridge form
Verse 5:
He got up from the table he was only barely able to put
One foot past the other out the door
And shuffle off to Buffalo or any place the wind might blow
Cause any place was better than where he’s heading for
Verse 6:
Around the corner, down the road, a tempest wind began to blow
And blew nine hundred souls into the bucket
And so a Hessian lesson taught, the overwhelming train of thought:
If thy eye offend me well then pluck it
Bridge 3:
To think one day the world could change, beyond your scope, beyond your range
And who’s to say it wasn’t in the plan
A lowly bunch what played a hunch and beat ol’ Howie to the punch
Delivered by no ordinary man.
Bridge 4:
And for a final second, Pennsylvania beaconed
You’ve got to seize the moment when you can
The snow is swirling all around, the world is turning upside down
After all, that’s no ordinary man
G             F                                    G
That’s no ordinary man, that’s no ordinary man
Repeat and fade