1. Six Forty Two

From the recording Phthalo Blue

Song about a train station, features Robbie Flint on pedal, Mark Lysher on bass, Scott Taylor on drums and Mark Tobolsky on guitar.


10. Six Forty Two (D)
Ch. 1:  D        Em    C                        G  G/B
Six forty-two, six forty-two
D                     Em    C                        G   G/B    D    D
What can I do? Six forty two---
Vs. 1: D                                 Em       C                                             G
Over there in the station see the clock on the wall
Bm                      F#m                                     G                                 G/B                   D
Face full of dust, arms starting to rust nothing’s working at all
D                                             Em       C                                 G
The seconds take hours the hours take days
Bm                      F#m                   G                               D
Time passes by the moments fly upon their way
Br. 1: F#m                                                     C#m                           
It says it’s four in the morning           but with the wind in my eye
G                                                D
Time is a lonely siren calling
F#m                                                        C#m  
You’d think it might notice, youd think it might try
G                                 Bm/F#                                     Em       A7
All over the world the hours are fall---ing      at
Ch. 2: 
Six forty-two, six forty-two
What can I do? Six forty two---
Vs. 2:
How could I have missed it, why didn’t I see
An hour or two, is an hour too few, momentarily
I’m like that old timepiece, heart frozen in place
Can’t make a sound, tears running down all over my face
Br. 2:                        
Somewhere it is morning         somewhere it is night
Someplace the evening bells have spoken
It gave me no warning, just stopped telling time
And now my heart and soul are broken         
Ch. 2: 
Six forty-two, six forty-two
The worlds’ gone blue, six forty two---
Solo (over verse form)
Br. 3:                         
So this is my folly   so this is my plight
I’ve all the time in the world to bear it
So melancholy, so bitter with light
And noone’s time for me to share it
Ch. 2
Six forty-two, six forty-two
The worlds’ gone blue, six forty two---
Ch. 2: 
That’s when I knew, that we were through
The worlds’ gone blue, six forty two---