Bill Vaughan, Shenandoah Valley Singer/Songwriter, pianist, vocalist since 1965, welcomes you!

...the rich melodies and meaningful lyrics of his original songs hold the audience rapt.” - Bruce McClinton

Mountain Courier, April 2022

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That song [Moline] took me on such an emotional, agony, searching...Musically, I love all the textures, the ups and downs of it both dynamically and arrangement-wise...[Bill's] voice has such passion which I love” - Julie Parsons

— Vocalist, songwriter, pianist

…fresh, clean, and memorable. With an absorbing mix of driving anthems, haunting ballads, and bluesy story-telling, Vaughan’s selections can leave you singing, laughing, or thinking.” - E. A. Coe

— Author

So many good tunes...your music and lyrics are touching” - Ralph Rillon

— Vocalist, songwriter, percussionist

"Songs From the Valley," an ode to places, people, feelings and other things he has experienced since moving toWoodstock” - Laetitia Clayton

— Northern Virginia Daily

Best vocalist I've ever known - with a encyclopedic knowledge of music!!  Truly a musicians musician! I cannot wait to get his new album!” - Peter Hoff

— Songwriter, guitarist

I have been a big fan of Bill's music for several years and enjoy all of his albums. 20/20 Vision is quite impressive. I especially like the songs in which Bill uses his own life experiences. My favorite on the new album is I Can Fly, written as a tribute to Morrison. Another fantastic job Bill ” - Vicki McClinton

— Shenandoah Valley